Please read before contacting to book a session.

Lah Reflectionz is not held liable if agreement & stipulations have NOT be looked over & understood prior to reservations.


All sessions, including packages, come with images on a CD at no additional charge. Each disc after, $5.00

Monies are due at time of service. Pictures will not be edited or downloaded until balance is paid in full.

The first 5 people in photo shoot, are included in the price(s), unless otherwise indicated. Each additional person is $5.

Prices are set per shoot time, and editing time & cd with images is complimentary.


If you are a fan on Facebook & choose to use a 'sneak speak' picture for profile pic or what not, you are required to keep the watermark on the photo(s). If for some reason, there is no way of getting around cropping the watermark from the picture, please contact Lah Reflectionz & a new photo with watermark in a different spot will be provide. Tagging is REQUIRED on any & all photo(s). A friend request will be sent via photographer or client to ensure 'tagging' is possible  failure to do so, will result in picture(s)' deletion and/or watermark moved to an uncroppable location. (I.e, through face or upper body, which in turn will make the photo unflattering).

Cash is the only payment option at this point. I am sorry if this is an inconvenience. No personal checks, sorry!

If  there is a  problem with your photos, you MUST contact me within 72 hours, or issues cannot be resolved.

There will be an additional $15 fee, for appointments over 15 minutes late

*Print Sizes may be substituted within reason

**Prices are subject to change without notice.  Printing of images are available for additional cost.**

***If round trips exceeds 40 miles, gas compensation may be requested***

All shoots come with a cd containing images, as no charge. Each additional cd is $5. Each pic is color edited, as well as any photos I find may have a different mood with black & white, antique, ect are done at no additional charge.

Each shoot will require a, non-refundable deposit fee to hold time/date.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, a 48 hour notification is required, or you will lose all monies applied.

**If your child is under the age of 2, and/or does not have an easy time sitting still, a mini shoot may be best suitable for a session. This ensures you still get a few pictures, without causing them to become irritated, upset, or unmanageable. If child is responding well to the session, you can request that is be turned into a full 1 hour standard shoot, & just pay the difference then what was originally booked.


 I require that a liability contract be signed before, or at time of photo shoot, before session can begin. 2 contracts will be signed, 1 for Lah Reflectionz records, the other for client. The contract is as follows:

By signing below, you agree to hold LAH REFLECTIONZ photography and any persons affiliated with the company, harmless to any liability before, during, or after your photo shoot.

This includes, but is not limited to:

~Staining, ripping, or tearing of clothing

~Personal injury resulting from activities or places involved with the shoot

~Damages to the CD containing your images after the product is delivered.

~Theft, vandalism, or damages to your property while the photo shoot is in process

If travel time is required, there will be an additional charge if photographer is travel exceeds 40 miles round trip.

Be signing this, you also agree to contact Melissa within 48 hours for any cancelation or rescheduling. Failure to do so, will result in clients forfeiting all monies paid.

If upon receipt of final product, you do not find the images taken on CD, you have 24 hours to contact Melissa Lahmann at the provided email or phone number. You will then exchange the original CD for a new CD with the correct images.

Any additional CD's requested due to loss, misuse, or damage will be replaced at a $5.00 per CD fee.

All images rights & copyrights are that of LAH REFLECTIONZ photography and of the client who's name & signature are below.

*The clients copy can be provided to printing establishment if you choose to purchase them personally. The last line of contract, releases copyrights to client, for this purpose.

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